John vacara science fiction series

Legends of the Vacaras: The Diary


Book One

Something amazing happened, a very young John Vacara and cousin Harold Huddleston discovered they had a gift in this science fiction thriller. As they grew older, they developed this phenomenal ability into a special skill. During WWII, John was forced to expose his gift, showing the world what he was capable of. During a fire fight, John was injured and captured by the Nazis where he met Nadia, the surgeon who saved his life. 

Harold, back in the states, rose up to the occasion, parachuted behind Nazi lines to rescue John.  The duo secretly made  their way back to Allied territory.  Full of plot twists, surprises, action, adventure, erotic temptation and sacrifice. Witness the passion the escapees graciously gave to the ones who helped their escape. A must read that won four awards and managed to score Amazon best seller status. Found in Amazon Books

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Legends of the Vacaras: The Pursuit



Book Two

While holding a routine meeting, a force invades the Vacara family home and destroys it. The Legends retreat to their fortified compound for safety and a plan. The Legends retaliate, send their best agents including cousins John Vacara and Harold Huddleston. While the bulk of the agents are gone, John loses something very valuable to him, something irreplaceable, his world collapses.

WWII has just ended, the two cousins, notorious for their gift, none can match, set out to Pursue the perpetrators. Follow the story to the docks of Baltimore, luxury living in the Caribbean, Sloppy Joe's in Havana, Cuba and finally, the shocking end, in the fields of Germany. Take a wild ride with plenty of adventure, romance, erotic mental stimulation, mystery, suspense and plot twists. Let your imagination follow along with the authors and see how he solves John Vacara's situation. 

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