Raven Anderson Thriller series: A Terminator on Steroids

Raven and the Panther



Book One

Raven Anderson was raised by her grandmother and uncle and enjoyed the slow-paced country lifestyle until one event changed her life. Her beloved uncle, a father figure, was unexpectedly and brutally murdered. On her journey to seek revenge, Raven discovered her uncles's secret life, a world she didn't even know existed. 

Raven's journey and relentless desire to hunt down her uncle's killer put her in the cross-hairs of an organization whose members included people she hand known her whole life. Raven and the Panther takes the reader on as wild ride filled with action and adventure, erotic romance and revenge.

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Raven Gone Rouge



Book Two

Raven Anderson, top female agent for The Foundation, has gone rogue. Her longtime lover, Naci Vacara, direct decedent of the Foundation's matriarch, desperately tried to convince Raven not to leave the ranks of the agency. His loyalty to The Foundation forced him to put her in his sites. Raven, now the hunted, teamed up with Morgan, one of the most feared agents in the world. Together they develope an unusual relationship, faced one challenge after another, until Raven discovered something in her past.

Raven Gone Rogue takes readers on another wild ride, filled with action, adventure, devastation, mystery, romance and wealth. Raven Anderson, a woman who gets what she wants, is on top of her game. A game, the reader secretly would like to imitate.  

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Raven and the Code Book


Book Three

The Code Book will change the world forever.  Raven is hiding it and Professor Raymond Steele.   Raven Anderson is asked to protect Professor Raymond Steele who has done what many before him have failed to accomplish. It's all in The Code Book. Everyone wants the secret, many have failed except one, Boris Alexis and he has met his match. Follow Raven and the Professor as the adventure takes them from the mountains of North Carolina to the Caribbean to Switzerland. From underground bunkers, to wild rides in an unknown plane called the Z-Bird, to being chased down the back roads of South Carolina by a vintage Mack Truck with a bull dog mounted on its grill. Discover what has tormented Raven for years as she confesses to her longtime lover 

Naci Vacara. The action, romance and secrecy in this thriller will keep you turning pages. This is what Raven Anderson is all about.       

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